Cycle City was a student project designing an online store for rider-tailored cycles. Interestingly the IA was shaped by the store's unique offering.


Information Architecture


I surveyed with an open card sort because I wanted to understand how users categorised items. 10/10 participants agreed on seven categories.

The dendrogram below visualises the user's conceptual categorisation of Cycle City products.


Dendrogram on Optimal Workshop


Site Map


I built user flows based on the needs and motivations of three key personas. The structure of a sitemap began to appear when the user flow, card sort data and business requirements were combined. All use cases involved access to a consultation booking.

The challenge was to find a way to include the seven categories with the required global navigation items and then path users to the bike fit page.

I built the site map using post-it notes and a whiteboard for flexibility.


Site Map


Interactive Prototype


An interactive prototype was built on Axure to test the hypothesis that users could easily complete tasks using the navigation.

I simplified the visual design to emphasise the IA and build a robust skeletal structure.


 Axure Prototype

Axure Prototype


Usability Testing


Five rounds of usability testing were performed and the design was iterated over four versions. All the feedback was walled in an affinity diagram to identify patterns in the testing. 

I gauged the frequency and ease of recovery of problems by analysing the patterns within a severity assessment.

 Affinity Diagram and Severity Assessment of testing feedback.

Affinity Diagram and Severity Assessment of testing feedback.




In two weeks I had a working IA validated the by testing. Testers were successful in completing all three key user flows. If the project was extended I would have refined and tested error management within the payment forms.

The project gave me opportunities to practise using research analysis tools. I carried that confidence into my Bankwest project and was able to facilitate research synthesis for my team.