User Research

Our first move was to create a survey to understand user attitudes towards Bankwest. An analysis of survey data fed into a strategy for scripting user interviews. The interview findings were: frustrations in a lacks of transparency, support in saving and uncontrolled spending.

 Survey data

Survey data



I facilitated an affinity mapping activity to analyse all our collected user research. The goal was to distil the findings into a single problem statement by bridging team research into a single insight.



Bankwest customers crave control of their finances to better serve their experiences.


Bankwest supports users with financial visibility to make their goals more easily attainable.



We aggregated our research into three key personas to design towards. I built flows to define the pain-points we would design solutions for.

 Simpilifed Personas

Simpilifed Personas


Feature Prioritisation

At this point the MVP was defined and feature prioritisation began. We rapidly prototyped these features on paper and put them in front of users to gather fast feedback. 

  • View account balance prior to login

  • Richer context to purchase history

  • Mortgage payment transfer notifications

  • Easy finger scan login. 
 Paper prototypes

Paper prototypes